Training and Mentoring

Small companies often have only one or two geoscientists in-house, and require expert external advice to maximise productivity and minimise risk. In the past GeoSolve principal Henk van Paridon has provided mentoring services in both a formal and in-formal setting. As a hands on practictioner, Henk knows the type of problems that geophysicists face every day, including:

  • How deep is that coal seam?
  • What is the throw on that fault?
  • Why doesn't the data tie?
  • What polarity is this seismic data?
  • I don't need to worry about datums because I'm using latitudes and longitudes, right?

Check out our Workshops page for more details.

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Geosolve also provides general consultancy through Energeo and offers a number of services including, but not restricted to:

  • Sesimic Interpretation
  • Sesimic Planning
  • GIS and Mapping

For more information visit the Energeo Website